Boring & Rafting

When it is boring then it is boring. Arghh... i am bored here. Don't know what to do when there are so much things to be done. Which one should i do first? Aiyah.... Usually when times like this happen what i do is watching movie. Why? Because my mind can't think. There are no idea pomp out from my head.

Hmmphh... Life is Great! And i should enjoy it. I think so. Owh ya, these few days my friend told me that they were arranging Water Rafting tis coming May. I really want to go because that is one of my dream since i study at UMS. A must do while i am nearer to the Padas River. I will try my best to make it this coming May. Pals, if i manage to join this trip then i will took loads of photos and show it here. :-)

Here is photos of Water Rafting that i found in internet. Credits to the sites that i bump in and found this photo.

This is Padas River Map. Have to use train to get to the rafting site. 

I think this is how it suppose to look like when we are there. :-)


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