Keep Strong

So much things happen today. So much things have to be done. What happen to me today? At the beginning of the day i was so motivated but i have problem with my feet and palms, so itchy (not sure maybe some kind of skin disease). I have to put calamine lotion on my feet and my palm. So, for half and hour i can't do anything. After washed my hands, only then i can continue my work.

I think i did talk about helping people etc. yesterday and the things continue again today. I don't mind helping people but when you want to help them sincerely but they think that we have hidden agenda. That is really..... (what words can i describe that huh?!). Nevermind, let it be.

Not feeling well now. Headache. Need to rest first. Till then.


  1. Hey, try applying olive oil on your feet and palm. It works very well for dry and scaly skins. It might work on your skin and the oil get absorbed into your skin, you don't need to wash them off.

    Yes, it is disheartening to know that people think you are not genuine when you are truly being genuine and authentic. Too much distrust and dishonesty in our current world.


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