White Water Rafting - Padas River

Hey guys! As promise i have to share some of my activities that already out dated. Being busy lately so, i will start with my recent trip on 9th May 2010 (Sunday). Remember in my previous post i did write about my plan to go for rafting? Here is the link: Boring & Rafting.

Where to begin my story? Let get started. Early in the morning my friend and i drove to Beaufort and it takes about two hours to get to Beaufort. Had our breakfast before meeting up with our team. There were six of us, 3 males and 3 females. So we are equal. Will be no problem when we are on the boat. Around 10.30am we leave to Rayoh Station. We arrive Rayoh at 11.30am and then we change, keep our bags with the tour guide. Then we went up to Pangi Station to get to the starting point.

We have to fill in the Liability Release form. So, when join this activity, need to take our own risk. (Kalau terkena batu ka apa ka, tanggung sendiri la). The most important things is if you are beginner, you need to listen carefully to your tour guide. (jgn la nak tunjuk pandai and terrer kalau sebenarnya berenang pun tidak pandai).

Then, we h aving fun by taking some photos in the rafting boat while it is still on the land. ha ha.... It was 6 of us and 2 guides in our boat. Actually this green boat is only for six rafters, we using the other boat which is larger than this one. (Ni mau tunjuk eksen ja ni).

This is how the river looks like from the starting point. The rapids was quite strong but our tour guide told us that the water level is just great. So, each of start to feel so excited. See our one hour rafting experience for a 10km journey.

This is some of our photos taken by one of our tour guide team.

Just started to meet up with the strong rapids. 

Started to feel a bit nervous because we already enter the strong rapids. But everyone was so committed with our paddling. Keep on with our counting so we didn't really aware of our photographer. 

I love this one because love the scene of the rocks next to our boats. But it will be so dangerous if we loose our control. That's why we still keep on with our paddling.



  1. Congratulations ^_^. i've noticed that the river is not clear. that would be more challenging because the current is more faster than the normal and the rapids are greater. thats more challenging ^_^.

  2. Thanks ya... Lucky we manage to get thru t because right after we finish raft around 1pm..the weather change. Rain heavily at about 2.30pm and the next day the river was flooded and the water level was raise. We are just lucky...


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