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Sharing Is Caring - Part 1

Wow... June 17 was my last update. Mmm... being busy and got so many events happen last week and this week. Trying to think of something that i can wrote here. So much things lingers in my head actually but still can't put it in a nice words to be shared here in my blog.

On the 12-14 June, our department organized Youth Development Programme (Camp) Series 4 at Muaya Waterfall. Then, on 22 - 24 June, i involved in Environmental Education Race 7 or known as EERace 7 for primary school teachers. On the next day on 25 - 27 June, i went for a ARMOUR UP Camp at Bundu Tuhan Retreat Center. All of these programmes actually touch my life in various ways that i can't really explain here.

I am touch spiritually, mentally and physically. I think i stop here first. Will add more sharing after this. What is actually my experienced from these 3 events that i join and participate. Till then.

Cerita Bola

Orang lain lamak dah demam bola. Stat ajak main bol 12 June ariya, semua orang kenak demam bola. Aku nang sekda perasaan pada mulanya, maklum la di rumah sekda TV maok ditangga. Paling2 pun aku nangga di internet jak dan ya pun check results ajak. Apa cerita nok molah aku tetiba terjebak minggu tok tek? Okay before ya..maok juak ngeshow logo WC South Africa 2010 nok kacak tok lok..

Musical Theater - Tahajjud Alam

At last my team have quite a blast performance on the night of 4th June. It was a great moments for all of our team even though there were not so many crowds watching our performance. It was a great exposure for all the youth that participate in this play. Even for myself, it was my first time as well. Handling about 18 youths and they are so sporting and talented. I almost gave up when there were only less than 10 people turn up when we first wanted to create this team. However, as we continues practicing more youths came.

Ants & Grasshopper

Older Version

An ant worked hard in the sweltering heat all summer, building its nest and laying up supplies for the winter.

A grasshopper thought the ant was stupid not knowing how to enjoy life. It spent its days laughing, singing & dancing thoroughly enjoying the summer.

Came winter, the ant was warm, comfortable and had no shortage of food.

The grasshopper had no proper shelter, no stored food, and couldn't find anything to eat from the snow-covered ground. So it died and the story ended.

MORAL OF TH E STORY:Be responsible for yourself!

Selamat Ari Gawai

Aku ka bejako Iban sari tu. Sigik nda berapa jako Iban aku tu tapi kak bejako gak. Sari tu ari besai bansa Iban enggau Bidayuh ba Sarawak. Aku kak madah nggau kaban belayan aku selamat menyambut ari gawai ke kita semua. (Aduh, parai nda nemu udah aku bekeni agik ka bejako Iban)...