Musical Theater - Tahajjud Alam

At last my team have quite a blast performance on the night of 4th June. It was a great moments for all of our team even though there were not so many crowds watching our performance. It was a great exposure for all the youth that participate in this play. Even for myself, it was my first time as well. Handling about 18 youths and they are so sporting and talented. I almost gave up when there were only less than 10 people turn up when we first wanted to create this team. However, as we continues practicing more youths came.

I am glad and thankful for a great support from my friends who willing to help us on our props and costume. It was a hard work but we have so much fun. I always remind them (youths) that, they must enjoy and have fun when they perform. Have fun on the stage but must remind themselves that they have to understand very well on the flow of the story that we want to deliver to the audience. And i am very proud of them because they really made it. Here is some of our photos before, during and after our play.

 Serious during the practice.

Rehearsal at the hall. Night before we perform.

 Myself with one of the white angel.

A big thank to Esther for the great performance that night. Thanks a lot for her support of this World Environment day 2010 celebration. 


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