just a difficult time fly by...

Try to hide behind the smile on my face..for the burden to slips away..
(Photo taken at Aso-Kyuju National Park, Kyushu)

Been not in a good mood recently. Nothing seems to be right at the beginning of the year. I hope this will not dragged till the end of the year. There is always Hope for a better tomorrow right? So, with that i hope i can pass through this difficult moments. Again? Yes. Seems to be my life is not easy. Too many obstacles come along the way. Am i strong enough? Nope. I am not. Each time i feel like giving up. Feel like to end my life. Depression? Maybe that is what happen to me. In the middle of the night, nothing happen, tears burst out from my eyes. Sometimes crying silently, sometimes louder than a baby... Am i having a problem? Maybe, can't control my own emotions, stress, too much thinking? Maybe.

Trying hard to overcome this situation. Feel like blaming Jesus. But He Loves me even more. The feeling of guilty and i realize quickly this is not right. I suppose to go back to Him in no matter situation i am. Ask for His guidance. Praying Rosary for guidance from our Mother Mary. This makes me feel lighter. Thank God, He always bring me back to Him. Especially at the times that i almost forgot to tell Him what i am facing right now.

I am an ordinary human being that every moment in my life i fall into sin again and again. Repent... that is suppose to be done. Jesus Christ guide me to face this difficult moment in my life. Good night Jesus...

Bless This Little Child,
Little Rose


  1. Hang on there Rose. God is with you, always. Amen.

  2. same here sis. not a very good beginning of 2012. but hope the rest of the year promise something much better yah.


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