Looking for a House For Rent in Kota Marudu

It is almost 20 days since i started working in Kota Marudu and i still did not get my own house. Looking around but still can not find one. I did find a house not far from junction to Tandek but i am doubt about my safety in that area. It is a new house build by a private individual and i like the house. Since it is new the surroundings is very quite and at night it is really dark, no street lamp also. The rental is standard for KM area RM600 per month. Quite expensive rental in KM now because short of houses. There were teachers, nurses and police from outside KM need a house, so first come first serve basis-lah. If it is in the housing area the rental even more expensive, rarely can find RM600 per month, average is RM750 to RM1,200 per month.

Phewww.... what can i do? Still work out on it till i find one. Anyone know any house for rent in KM now? Thanks.


  1. I hope you are able to find a new house soon, and I hope this new year is good for you,

  2. happy hunting and then settling!! moving annoys me very much. but I wish you help all the way!!

  3. Thanks guys! Hope i can move in soon. Really feel not comfortable living temporarily with friends. Still need my own house. Hope this year will be a great year... Cheers to both of you! Happy New Year 2012!

  4. Rental effects of home is better than buy. It make easier and better to get well and good facilities on a time. It increase well support for good life.
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