#2 ~ Flat Stomach Workout

I think i already doing well with my 1st Workout but still no obvious results on what i accomplish yet (berketul2 la ni muscle kaki). Somehow it did makes me sweat out toxic form my body and i satisfied with that.

Therefore, for my next step i want to do this workout to flat my stomach. Ha ha ha... I will workout on doing more exercise to shape out my body because it makes me more comfortable at work and trekking will be much easier when i am fit. Here is the steps to do flat stomach workout that i found Online.

Photo Credit to Google Image Search
If you think you also wants to try out this workout, please do and share with me what do you feel and is there any improvements with your stomach. Well, just an advice workout alone will not give a good results, so please check out your diet as well. :)

Little Rose


  1. All the best Rose! :) Saya lepas kawin ni.. ada slow sikit exercise. hehe


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