Anger II

Photo Credit to Sissy
It feels like to kill someone (it's the worst!) with a very sharp blade and make that person struggle to death. Or punch straight on their face and makes their eyes swollen like a ball. Or kill them slowly with poison so i can watch them died in a very suffering way. Mock them as if they are the most unwanted person in this world.

Well, that's came in my thoughts when i get annoyed or angry or pissed off by someone whether it is at home, at work or on the road. I am no saint, i am an ordinary person with the most terrible emotions at time. 

Be patience, let God do His work.

I always hear this from a friend. Time will tell, God will show you who is right, who is wrong. But, my question is, WHEN? I have no patience when anger controlled me. However, i thank God for keep people with faith by my side. So, i will never doing something stupid that show how stupid i am by acting like a crazy woman. 

My advice, control your anger. Keep your faith stronger with God by surrounds yourself with faithful people. They are the most inspiring instruments of God that keep you sane not insane. Have a good week ahead!

Little Rose


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