Chocolate & Sunglass

I feel like i am a super bitch and bad ass at work last week. I already promise to myself that i won't share anything that sounds so negative in my FB profile. Somehow, the stress take over, the anger take over until i also confused on my own actions and words that came out from my mouth. 

Mostly it was feel like this and my relationship with my co-worker is very bad at the moment too. 

I just can't cooperate with people with an attitude "Berlagak BOSS". I am not here to be praised, to become everyone's sweetheart, to become your most favourite. I am here to deliver my job, to ensure every task done accordingly and there is no oppression (unjust treatment) to other staff especially lower staff. I don't care what you think of me, maybe you will say i am "satan mistress", "monster", whatever nicknames you gave me, i don't give it a damn! I am just who i am. — feeling super ridiculous.

Somehow, i have to get rid of this negative forces. I crawl out from my small circles of people at work and went out to the city on Saturday. What i did? I pampered myself with a few activities. 

I went to the Sunset Mass and reclaim back my own self and renew my spiritual strength. Thank you Lord. 

I went to the Voices of the Asylum event at Borneo Art Hub (BAH), Bundusan Plaza. It was full of excitement and fun. I forgot my stressful feeling at work because of the funny stories and wonderful music played and shared by the new friends i met. Listen to one of the song perform that night by Ms. Rozella Marie. Click this link: Genevieve. She sounds amazing!

I have this shopping therapy! What did i bought? 
I get myself a few things. 
Polaroid Sun Glass - Airborne -- It's on sale so i get it with RM160
Vochelle Chocolate -- To help me calm my unstable hormone 
Badminton Racket -- I need it to release my stress by more active with sports!

So, that's what i did. Do i feel better? 
YES. Better that last week. 

Need Therapy,
Little Rose


  1. Eiii i love the song.. Dulu masa joining the dancing charity in el centro pn dia ada nyanyi tu lagu genevieve. Thanks god u give the link..mmg lama suda mau cari..hehe..tq tq..


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