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How to describe myself? I am not good in describing people especially when it is about myself. Do i need to share? Yep.... i think i have to say something about myself then.

Okay... that's me. I love nature very much. I love animals... wild animals very much. Love being in the jungle listening to the sounds of birds, primates and other sounds of nature. Breath the fresh air of the rainforest.

I am not good in plants or botany because i hate plants but then i realize that i need to learn more about plants.... by understanding more about plants and it's importance for human and animals, will make my knowledge about plants will improve. Now, i am working on herbal plants by interviewing local people and sharing the traditional knowledge on the uses of plants in their daily lives. Now, i can say that i think it is quite interesting and useful in our life.

When i am in forest, i can say i will be over excited. I will become like crazy taking photos and trying to identify the sounds of the birds. If that journey only takes about 2 hours but for me it will become 3 hours because i am so busy looking for something interesting. Something that i can snap with my little digital camera. It is like a habit now. Even though my camera is not good enough but it is my really good friend when i am going for hiking or any other activities.

The picture on the right was taken in 2010 during my trip to one of the village near Tenom. Quite interesting hiking, lots of leeches and it was raining heavily but we manage to reach to our destination. Tiring but always interesting new adventure.

Okay, that is a little bit here and there about myself. So, i will say that i am adventurous, like to discover new things and trying hard to enjoy every moments that i have in my hectic daily working life.

Thanks for visit my site and have a great day! God bless!


  1. Oh cool! i love wild animals too *after i get past my fear* and i pun suka nature. hahaha. is that a parang on your waist?

  2. Coffee Girl--Wild animals is just so amazing and interesting tp wild kan.. so paham2 jak la.. need to be extra careful when handling or near them. My fear to snakes is still i can not overcome.. tu ja yang saya langsung tak boleh handle..penakut ular. yang lain2 okay la.. parang? no la.. i didn't bring parang because orang kampung already bawa some with them. Cool! Hope we can go for trekking in future... who knows kan? Take care sis!

  3. .... really you have dedicated your life for some good causes which we human beings need urnestly !!.... even we very easily humiliate our mother Nature in these hectic and mechanized life style .... keep it up Rose !!! God bless you ....


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