Being Creative - Reduce Plastics

End of January visit to one of the village is very interesting (finding on new things always interesting one-lah) to me. Why? This is my first encounter of handicrafts made from plastics by the local villagers. I used to see crafts made from used papers such as newspaper, magazines catalog etc but never really seen one made from shopping plastic bags my own eye. So this is kindda interesting ya.

Plastic Shopping Bags (Photo credit: Google)
Then, we hear, seen and even involved in REDUCE PLASTIC BAGS CAMPAIGN all over the world. GO GREEN CAMPAIGN etc. So, this made me more interested with this innovative and creative crafts.

Reduce things like this to happen.
(Photo credit: Google)
So, here are two photos of the handicrafts that made by our local villagers. Quite pretty right?!

What do you think?

Little Rose


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