New Job?

When something goes wrong on the current job, at that moment we feel like wanted to quit and get out from that office. "Something wrong" means something that against our principal and the work that we done is not seems to be on the track that it should be done anymore. But, from what i observed and when i talk with friends, it is not always 'the job' that makes people pissed off or quit job. It is always people we work with whether it is our superior, sub-ordinates or other people which connected to our work. It is always 'people' and rarely 'job' especially when we have passion in that job.

However, when we successfully get the 'new job', and after sometimes, that new job become an 'old job' and something is not right again, the cycles seems to be continues. We will look for another 'new job'. So, what is actually the 'new job' because a new job is always turn into an old job and pissed us off?

So, what i can see is that, adapt to the new job well, adapt to new working scenario, adapt with the people around us, stick to our own work ethics, trying our best to achieved our goal in our job/work, practice not to complain about our boss, our co-workers but trying our best to manage the issues wisely and be brave to face the problems and the people which we have issue with. Never be afraid of our boss but always respect our boss. hmmmph... that is what i thought but all in all i still learn to practice some of it. Always easy to say it but very difficult to turn it into action. Yai!!!

How about you?

Work with heart,
Little Rose    


  1. Hi Rose! lamak sik ngabas. Anyway, I know how u feel, thats why now im in my 4th jobs, thank God i go from good to better. It's always like that, when we feel complacent, we need to get out of the comfort zone and try something new either thru promotion or a new job. if we stay there, soon we too will wilt and die. sigh... Have a nice Thursday!

  2. I quit this month. not because of the job but because the people around me. before i hate them i should leave..
    My boss say even if I want to quit I hv to left a legacy. I am no prime minister, i need no legacy to be remembered!
    hey ros, missing you, its been a very long time didnt see you. wish u sihat wal afiat.


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