Pilgrimage to Medan ~ Day 1

I am excited! For sure i am excited because this is my first time travel to Indonesia. Deep inside my heart i pray to God that i will experienced something interesting and the most important one is FINDING HIM while i am on this trip. Actually this is not an ordinary trip but a pilgrimage trip with almost 70 other participants from different parts of Sabah; Kudat, Kota Marudu, Sipitang, Keningau, Tambunan and Penampang. It was planned a year ago and praise be to God that we made it on 7th until 11th September. This trip was organized by D' Seven Travel and Tours and we were assisted by two spiritual director, Fr. Boni and Fr. Bona from Keningau Diocese.

Aerial photo of Medan town. The airport. 
We use two different flights from KK to KL and then from KL to Medan. As we arrived at Medan Airport, hmmm... it not that big though. I think it is just as big as Terminal 2 KKIA. There was a funny thing happen at the immigration when the officer look at my face a few times trying to compare my face in my passport and the one that standing in front of him. Maybe he get confused because photo inside my passport is different from how i look like that time. I left him with a smile and a thank you.

Medan Airport
There were two "parawisata" bus waiting for us and a Javanese tourist guide, assist us to our bus. We were check in to our hotel for that night, Hotel Garuda Plaza, Medan before we leaving to the church for our first mass in Medan. I double excited even though i am not sure how the church will be look alike. But still i am super duper excited. 

Graha Bonda Maria Annai Velangkanni, Tanjung Selamat, Medan
Ain't you amazed by the look of this church? Me? My heart is full of joy when we were there. I can not really explain and describe it in words but i feel the presence of Jesus anywhere we walk around that church that evening. We were lucky to be there because actually at 6.30pm that day is the Holy Mass for the Birthday Celebration of Mother Mary. Please visit the church blog to find more info about this beautiful church: Marian Shrine of Annai Velangkanni

Here is more of the Church photos that i took:
The close up of the entrance to the church.

Shrine Rector Fr. James Bharataputra SJ share with us about the church.

The Bible that did not burnt during the fire. 

Lowering the flag after the Holy Mass.

Blessing and burning the petition at the end of the celebration for the day.

My prayer to Mother Mary that she help me to pray to
her son to answer my prayer and me become a better
daughter to her and mothers in this world. Amen. 

~ To be Continue to Day 2

Blessed Child,
Little Rose


  1. Thank you Rose for sharing this. Keep writing more. Deep inside my heart too , that one day i'll go for a pilgrimage trip. Pray for me ya.. :)

    My mother in-law just come back from medan too abot a month ago. She gave me the holy water from there. She told me too about the history about the church. It's interesting that the church was built with a temple like structure. Mcm buddhist temple oh kan hehehe.. And oh ya, she told me about the bible that didn't burn during the fire too. What a miracle! Praise to God.. :)
    I am Glad, Having someone like you as a blogger friend..we can share our story about our Christian life.
    Yes, i heard about d'seven travel.. I heard they offers really good service :)

  2. Hi.. my husband and I cancelled our trip to Medan last May due to recent earthquake which was 2weeks before our departure date. Tp tepa la.. next yr, ada trip p sana with officemates. :)


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