Pilgrimage to Medan ~ Day 4

The trip is nearly end. I am sure i will miss this place very much because it has been a great journey for the past three days. Even though we did not have enough sleep and rest but still it is a great journey for me to discover new place and meeting strangers along the way.

I capture this photo just before we leave the Samosir Island. Amazing right?

I am glad that i decided to joined this pilgrimage trip. On this last day we were drive back to Medan City. However, just before reach the city, we went to Pertapaan Putri Karmel, Medan. However, just before we leave the island, i manage to took photo with the resort staff. He using their uniform and it is quite unique because, no matter how plain it is, the side of the cloth still have batik pattern. The batik is actually brought in from Java and they sale quite cheap in Medan.

I forgot to ask his name but he is local. The Batak Toba people. 

Not to forget capturing myself with a friend that i just met during this trip, Jack. Ha ha ha.. This is so funny because, the name came out from our new friend, the tourist guide after they get my name, Rose. So, this is just for fun. Jack and Rose, not on the Titanic ship but only on a small ship called Toledo Inn (own by the resort where we stayed). Hi hi hi hi...

Jack, jangan ko marah sana ah coz kasi masuk gambar ko dalam blog sya..

We left the Samosir Island and i promised to come back again because i still did not have a chance to discover more about this place. Quite unique people i may say.

Practical student, Ms. Purnama. She is born during the full moon. That is
how she gets her name from her parents. 

We stop at Siantar to shop some local delicacies made from peanuts. Waaaa.. the snacks really delicious, i tried all of them and manage to bought only three boxes. I run out of my rupiah. But i am proud of myself that i can control from being so greedy. :-)

The food factory and shop with a very catchy names of their products. 

Really shop till you drop because no more money in the pocket... Wahahahaha.. Okay, we visit Putri Karmel just before we reach Medan City. Aunt Regina asks me to do the reading for the daily mass that we will celebrate at St. Yoseph Chapel. I really wanted to tell her that i never do this before. I am afraid i can't. But somehow, the voice deep inside my heart telling me to, JUST DO IT, ROSE. Along the way to the chapel i pray in my heart asking courage from the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit guide me and deliver God holy word to our fellow pilgrimage members.

In front of the chapel at Pertapaan Putri Karmel, Medan.

Thanks be to God that i read the Word of God without any problem. The words smoothly come out from my mouth and i feel peace inside my heart and i am glad that i say YES to Aunt Regina to do this reading. It is His plan.

The chapel is just like the one at Kaingaran, Tambunan. 
Never resist God's plan,
Little Rose


  1. Rose,
    Thank you for sharing your pilgrimage journey. May the goodness of God be always within you.
    John Ragai

  2. Great. I wish i go there someday too.. :)


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