Traditional Clay Beads Earrings (Again!)

It has been a while i didn't update this blog. The same reason, i am too lazy to write and my limited access to the internet via desktop. I am not feeling comfortable and i don't really like to post using my smartphone. The screen is too small and the mobile application is okay but still i am not a  fan of it yet. 

So, i was learning DIY earrings again and as usual Pinterest helps me to get my brain works on its creativity part. I have many supplies now, from different types of pins, beads, wires, rings, and so on but my creativity is limited. So, i was browsing though my Pinterest account and found many amazing designs and some are very complicated for me to try and some are pretty easy. 

Since i also have about a metre of leather line so i decided to try to make a simple one based on the ideas i get from Pinterest. As you can see, the picture shows a few example of the pearl and leather earrings, so that is my basis. 

Taken from my Pin Board on my Pinterest account
Tada...!.. This is finally what i made. I know, i know.. its not looks that amazing but i am happy that finally i can combine these leather and traditional clay beads. It still looks great for my ears.. Ha ha...

Till i make more of this and i sell it out... I must have a dreams.. (^___^)

Little Rose


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