Two things happen at the same time - What Should I Do?

So tired today. It was not just about work but because of other activities that i do after work. I am not sure what happen but started from last week, i keep on involve in two activities at the same time. I can't say NO to both because it was so difficult to make a good decisions for both.

My first case i already wrote it in my post Meeting & Birthday.

The same case happen again today. It was a meeting for our church event and late in the afternoon, my friend call me. She invite me to her house to celebrate her daughter 12th birthday party. It was a small gathering, only about 6-8 family and friends only. When she invited me, i was thinking of not going. But then, when i said i have no presents to give her for her birthday, my friend told me this "just bring yourself here, and that is the great present for her. It will be great to have all people who love her together on her birthday."

Pheww!!! Then i realize that it is not the present (gift) that she need, she need loves from her friends. They are from South Africa so, they only have us (their friends) as their family when they away from home. So, that is why i decided to went for that birthday party.

But, before i went to her house, i made a beads bracelet for her. I manage to finish it in 45 minutes. So, that is my present for her. She likes it.

Only at 9 pm i attend the meeting and we finish the meeting at 11.30pm. I made a great decision because i was there for both. I am tired now but satisfied that i was able to be there for the people that needs me.

For a better day tomorrow. Good Night all!

This is my photo with her second daughter last year. But i don't have photos with the birthday girl, this is her younger sister. My little cute friend. (^_^)


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