Message in The Bottle

Why message in the bottle? Actually, a few days ago, hmm.... to be exactly it was on Wednesday this week, i met a friend. A very good friend of mine, i may said. Even though i only to know her in a few months but she is a gift from God. I mean as a friend of mine. Before i left to Armour Up Camp, i told her that "I am Lost" (macam cerita lost la sikit). I want to find my way back to Him so i decide to join the camp. So, on Wednesday, i met her up after Holy Hour. She gave me this as my 29th birthday gift:

My message in the bottle. I love it very much because inside this bottle there were a lots of small piece of colorful paper with Bible verse written on it. Everyday i will open the bottle and get one piece of the paper and read the verse that written on it. Almost all of the verse that i get touch my heart and i feel like God talk to me. Before i get the piece of the paper i need to pray and ask guidance from the Holy Spirit to lead me. It is really amazing how God works through people around us. It is not by coincidence i met her because since i get to know her, i start to connect back to Franciscan Sister. I met and make friends to a few Franciscan Sisters when i studying at UMS but i lost contact with all of them. But now, i get to know another one and thanks be to God because of Him we met here. 


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