Birthday Wish For My Bestfriend - Frouline

Photo Credit to mooona-chan at deviantART
A warmest wish to my dear friend on her birthday. 
May all your dreams come true.
May our friendship last forever.
May God always bless you and guide you in whatever you do.
May you live your life into the fullest. 
I LOVE you my dear friend. 
God bless ya!!

P/S: The above pic is our cartoon pic. Ha ha ha...Nice isn't it? My bestest buddy... :-)


  1. Terharu nyer aku...thanks cik for the wishes & sudi mengabadikn page ni utk aku..

  2. Plo-- U r most welcome. Jauh bah sikpat maok celebrate dgn kau. Main cheers! dr jauh jak tok.. Nok sekok ney kau? nok polah tumbs up ka nok sorang gik? He he ... berik chance dgn kau milih.. :-)

  3. ya la cik. cheers dr jauh jak. sekoy nie ko tanya tok??

  4. alah...katun ompuan duak org atas ya bah? nok ney kau nok ney aku? he he he


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