His Presence

How to describe the feeling? Peaceful? Joy? in Love? So much for Him alone... 
Quite sometime i didn't feel the electricity struck my heart. 

I told Him, "I am a sinner".
He answer me, "Your sin has been forgiven, my child".

I told Him, "I am worried so much about so many things".
He comforted me, "Don't worry my child, surrender all your worries to Me."

I thank Him for His presence. 
He amazed me by saying this,  "I am always there beside you, without you noticing Me".

How i thank Him for His love and cares for me. 
I thank you LORD JESUS CHRIST for always be beside me.


  1. Amen.
    "Your Presence is enough for me, O God."
    (Listen to Him always, sister. He is always there waiting for you to listen to His voice.)

  2. Maybe i am doing something wrong...maybe i am ignoring Him.. maybe i am too much into this world.. seems to be i didn't hear His voice quite sometime... :"(


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