A Piggy Belated Birthday Wish for My Dear Best Buddy - Bibab

Photo Credit to AndreaHarner 
My Dear Friend Bibab,
I am so sorry for this very late wish for your very special birthday,
It was because i am too far away,
I need to ask Mr. Piggy from Land Below the Wind to swim through the South China Sea,
To get to you and delivered this beautiful cake for your birthday:
Photo Credit to Heather Sweet 
So, this is my wish for your birthday,
May all your dreams come true 
[ must be there are lots more that u dream of..(^--^)]
May you have the blessed life ahead with your Prince Charming 
[ehem.. Apai, take an extra good care of my  dearest best buddy... he he he.. mesti la kan]
May you become the GREAT TEACHER BIBAB 
[ G . T . B ]
May our friendship last forever and ever
[ I thank God for given me such a wonderful friend like you...]
Last but not least..... I LOVE YOU my dear friend. 
Let our STARZ shines forever. 

With Love,

P.S: Sorry for my late  wish..... but i gave you the best essay for your birthday and also the best reason that i can give.. he he he.. (^--^)


  1. eee....terharunya aku. makasie ya! tedah na ngot2 ya...jauh nya berenang....ahahaha...take cara n luv u oso :)


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