Photo of a five year old boy at Ulu Tomani, Tenom.

Yesterday's failures
Must be forgotten.
Tomorrow's new hope
And new fulfilment
Must be cherished.

-- Sri Chinmoy

P/s: Walk through without turning back. Let past became memories and live the present. Have a Blessed Morning everyone. God bless. (",)



  1. Nice shot, Rose! check out the oversized slippers! life through a boy's perspective. a long way ahead of him.

  2. CG--Aku sik perasan plak size slipper nya besar dari saiz kaki. Agreed with you, through this boy perspective, life is still far ahead to be reach kan. Thanks, kamek curi2 jak dari belakang ambik gambarnya ya...abis nya mala jak noleh2 kamek....


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