My Little Garden

I have been working on my little garden behind my house since i moved to this house. I planted a few types of veggies but not growing well. It must be because of the soil condition that not suitable for planting veggies. So, i decided to bought soils from my friend's Dad. After using that soil, some of my plants growing quite well. Here is some photos that i took. Just to share.

Photo taken on 1st Oct 2010 before off to KK. Just a few plants but a good start for me. 
Si Pegaga.... one of my favorite ulam... 
Si Kangkung... Already harvest it twice and delicious... (",)
Tumeric... At first i thought it will be impossible for this plant to grow because of the soil condition but after a few months, i can say  its survive yeah....
First harvest of kangkung and spinach (bayam)... 
My first dish of my own sweat... he he... Kangkung Ikan Bilis... Sedap gak...
Meh la join aku makan... (",)

 Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity.
-- Lindley Karstens



  1. Waiseh... u got green fingers! tanam jagung gik. terung ka. strawberry ka.

  2. Coffee Girl--terasa la kehijauan jari-jemariku bila nangga ada hasil dari kebun kecil ku ini... terung iban nok aku mok tanam..ada dah tumbuh benih2nya... harap la menjadi..rinduk mok makan ya coz sitok org sik tauk makan terung Iban.. sekda org jual pun susah carik.. strawberry iboh jak la..konpem rentung lak coz sitok panas..tepi kilang and tepi laut gik tok.. he he..


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