My Presentation & Disaster at Batang Rajang/Igan

Sorry for no update on what is actually happen after my presentation. A group of about 28 students from UMS were visiting us with three of UMS staffs. One lecturer was leading this group.

I was asks by my boss to do presentation on Ecosystem Management & Conservation. Phewww!!! This is actually one of the course taken by Conservation Biology students in UMS for third year and final semester. I've taken it too during my study in UMS. Now, i have to tell these group of students on how our company practice contribute to ecosystem management & conservation. Quite tough but since this company is following the standards for forest certification so there were not that difficult for me to explain to them.

However, i was stunt because just a day before my presentation i was tagged by my friend in one of his photo. This photo was showing Batang Rajang/ Rajang River is jammed because of logs and wood debris. It's moving down river until reaching my kampong at Batang Igan/ Igan River. To read more about this see The Star Online.

Here is the photo that my friend tag me:

Photo credit to Eddy Thomas
I am so disappointed and ****** (no words can express it) because i know my kampong is affected because of this tragedy. I can't imagine when i am going back kampong end of this year, the water will become more polluted and for sure, i will not enjoying my "mandi sungai @ bebarok" with my nieces and nephews. Pity for us.

Photo taken in Dec 2007. Water level is high and my niece & nephews enjoying their mandi
Okay, enough about this disappointing bad news. However, i still hope that CM learn something through this bad experience. Will he? Hmmm.... not sure though!

Back to my presentation then. Here is our group photo after i finished with my presentation. I do hope that i gave an usable input for them and they lean something from it. 

Photo credit to Dr. Hisashi Matsubayashi
Till then, i leave you guys here!



  1. Nang teruk sungai di Batang Igan/Rajang ya. mun nak makei bot pun awas-awas jak, takut ujung-ujung jadi mini-tragedi Titanic.

  2. Ya lah mak kamek madah marek nak, aik di kampung mek orang muddy abis. Nang sikpat pakei mandik. Mun diengkah lam bekas/baldi, setengah baldi ya lumpur. Memang sidak terpaksa takung lok aik baru dapat kei mandik. Dah la kampung kamek ya sekda bekalan aik bersih, nang harap aik sungai kei mandik n berbasuh, minum kei aik ujan.. sakit ati n kecewa nar dengan gov Sarawak... huhuhuhu


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