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Boring weekend because of tiring day yesterday. A long journey, get headache because of rain last night in Sipitang. Woke up and sleep again. Thought of joining ALPHA seminar at church but just can't do it. Since my car was so dirty because of flood in Beaufort last Friday so i have to clean my dear beloved car (So kesian owh my car...nda kena kasi peduli). At last need to go to Sipitang and make sure my dear car clean this time. Almost one hour spend time at car wash and i am thankful to all the boys that wash my car. They did an excellent job. My car is clean now. Thank God at last i make time to go to car wash.

That is the only good thing that i did for today and also get clear of weeds at my little garden. Opss... sorry, my story is away from the title of this post. Sorry guys... He he.. Am just trying to tell you guys that since i am doing nothing today, so i am trying a few layout for this blog. He he... Like this one but there are a few things that i am not so happy with. For example the colour for comments and tags under the post. The color is almost the same with the layout background but anyway, i am satisfied with other widget that i can easily add to this layout. But i lost my signature at the end of my post and also FB badge. Will try to add it again after this.  However, this one is not mess like the other two that i tried. I get these layout from Blogger Templates. One of the free blogger templates website that i like. Here is the other two of layout that i tried but not really suit me.

Harmony template 
Irene template
At last i choose this next template among these three. These two above, is difficult to adjust some of widgets that i add to my blog. I don't want to delete the widgets so i am lucky the last of these three can support the widgets that i have in my blog. This is it:

Notebook 2.0 template
So, that is the story about new layout template for my blog. Hope you guys like it too. I like it though... :-)
Have a great weekend ya!!!

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