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Making roof from plant leaves. A traditional way!
Wild ginger fruit. Very sour taste but yummy. 
"Nasi bungkus" one of traditional way of preparing rice for
Murut community and almost all of Sabah ethnic.
The leaves is the same leaves used for the roof. 
Wild ginger again. The "Bunga Kantan", one of my favorite. 
Preparing wild ginger "tuhau" for meal. Chit chatting among friends
enjoying the work. 
Fish from the river. Delicious and fresh fish.
Preparing rattan for building a hut for the wedding. 
All these scenarios were captured from several of my visits to a few Murut villages at Ulu Tomani, Tenom, Sabah. Quite interesting community and sometimes makes me wondering on the way they make their living. Bikin pusing kepala juga working with this group of people. But still i feel blessed because God gave me this opportunity to met more of His people on this earth. To see more of characters of people that i can reflects on how i make my own living. On how i live my life. Making me grateful of what God gave me for these almost 30 years of my life. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ!

P/s: If it is not because of my Faith in Christ, i think i already quit from this job but God always make a way for me when i feel down and thinking of i can not stand for it anymore. He always there when i need Him the most and i am doing this because He loves me very much. In return i have to do something for His people, to love Jesus back. I love you Jesus. Amen. 

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