Sleepy Mode - In Office?

I have a problem. This problem is not new for me. It started since i am in schools. Secondary schools i think because in primary i didn't face this problem. Aiyah! I easily fall asleep. Anywhere. That is my problem. So embarrassing sometimes but i just can't help it. My eyes just want to rest for a while.. he he he...

This problem i carry through till now, till i am working. What should i do ah? Need help. :"(...

From my own observation, there are a few factors that makes this sleepy things become more serious.

  1. Not enough sleep especially when i am too much travel and my body get tired. Not enough rest also lah bah tu. 
  2. Too much sugar intake. This must be because of my addiction to coffee. I took three times 3 in 1 coffee everyday.. Hmmmph...
  3. No exercise. Aiyah... it has been a while i didn't do any sports. woner i become so malas now. Duh!

So, that's is what i think. How to overcome this? Need to do some experiment first ya. Will see if i can make any improvements.

  1. To get enough sleep and rest.
  2. To reduce my sugar intake. Reduce my coffee??? huhhu....
  3. To go and exercise. Will do some aerobic at home al after this. 
That's it for now guys. Any ideas to help me?

P.s: Kamek tok macam-macam gelaran dah diberik sejak dari skul gara2 selalu gilak tdo dalam kelas & dewan kuliah time2 study lok.. huhuhu



  1. Yes, reduce your sugar intake, but dont reduce your coffee. Avoid or reduce 3-in-1, they contain more sugar than average kopi-o. instead, brew your own coffee, that way you can estimate your sugar intake per-cup. and... power nap is fine. everybody gets that, so ur not alone. :-)

  2. Owh bah.. Thanks for your advice and opinion CG. Will try it.. :-)


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