Day 6th of 2011

First of all i wanna wish all my Blogger Buddies here a Blessed New Year for this year of Rabbit, 2011 (ops...not yet, this is only for Chinese Calender and the wish supposed to be during the CNY..he he he). Anyway, to all of you i hope this year will be a great year and full of happy, joyous things will happen in our life. Many2 good things (hope so..).. 

I was away home for new year and then when i came back to work, i just feel very tired and no mood of blogging. Actually i did log in a few times but still don't have the mood to blog. At last, i decide to change my blog layout to a simple and easy one. So, i choose this layout with hope that it will makes my mind working well to think of something to write and share here. At last, i come out with this simple and nonsense stories in this post.. he he he he... 

To be honest, i still feel that there is no new year. The year is still not change yet. Still like 2010..maybe only the number change to 2011. Pheww... what happen to me? No new year resolutions for this new year? Maybe..but for my nature activities, i come up with 3 things to do for this year. If you want to know about it, visit: My Nature Activity - New Year Resolution For 2011. For other things??? Hmm.. still feel the same.. as one of my friend says, just bring forward last year resolution and make it happen this year. Maybe that is what i suppose to do. However, the problem is, i didn't have any new year resolution for year 2010, last year. SO, what to bring forward? Huhuhu... so sadis this.... keh keh keh... 

Okay, i better stop here. There is nothing so special to be shared other than ramblings of my crazy mind. Actually, i am not feeling well, my voice is like a rock star now, running nose and my head feel not so good too. It's raining outside, almost everyday and it makes me become sicker.. huhuhu.. 

Till then ya all!!

With Love,
Little Rose


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