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My sister already subscribe Reader's Digest for a few years, i think, but i am still not interested to do the same. I am quite reluctant to do so because i always bought or borrow (from library or friends) but i never have a chance to finish my reading. Most of my books half way reading only. Since school i did read RD but not a regular reader. If i saw one, i will read it but most of my friends told me that RD is good to improve English. So, sometimes i bought a copy of it from bookstore. The price is quite expensive, it's about RM15 per piece. If subscribe the price for one book is only RM12.33. Actually we can save about RM2.67 per book.

My boss subscribe RD for her daughter since last year. She is in Upper Six now. When the RD package arrive in the office, i seems to be attracted to RD again. I am thinking of subscribe for one year. Just tried and with hope that i can finish reading it. There are a few choices to subscribe, even can use online subscription. Here is the site: Reader's Digest Asia.

Okay, let me have a thought about this first whether to subscribe or not. It will cost me about RM148 to subscribe RD for one year (12 copies).

Till then! God bless and hope you guys have a great day today!

With Love,
Little Rose


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