Reflections of 2010

Today is the 7th day of 2011. Thats mean it is already one week we are in the year of 2011. I want to reflects some of the moments that i gone through for year 2010. Okay, let me rewind my memories for a while and with hope there are some still stick in my brain hard disk. I don't want to look into my diary or photos or anything else, i just want to use my brain to recall back all of my adventure in 2010. I hope my brain work well , though. Okay, here is bit and pieces of my memories.. ...

  • We have a surprise birthday party for Alechia and it was great because she didn't know about this surprise party. Happy to see her happy...
  • Going back home for CNY and celebrate CNY with my beloved Sis Tini and family at Dalat. We have great time, BBQ, eating inut, umai, ikan kering goreng and other menus. Together with my Sisters Noi, Ani & Nesi and of course mum and dad and Aunty Madu. It was great!!! A great family gathering even though not all of us were there. 
  • Our first anniversary. One year in relationship. Not much arguments, only small2 one.
  • There is growth in my spirituality. Attended quite a few seminars, retreats and camps. Started with Armour Up Camp then, Vocation Camp, Vocation Retreat, Life in Spirit Seminar (Young Adults) and some other activities such as attending ordination of Bishop John Wong at KK and Fr. J....... (alamak, can't remember his name) at Kuala Penyu. There were some more but memory down.. can't remember much..
  • Bad memories, something happen and i have to run away from home for two nights.. Bad experience but a good learning point.
  • Bought Angel Fish and Lucky the Gold Fish. Adopted a kitten, called her Joy. Angel and Lucky are with Amy but Lucky died yesterday. Pity her/him. Died after about nine months with me and Amy. 
  • Going back home for New Year but we didn't celebrate it at our kampung but the other kampung and i feel not so good about it. Somehow i am glad that i can spend my precious time with my dad (eventhough he can not recognize me until the 2nd day i am at home, he only recognize me via my voice) and also my mum. Of course my sisters and my anak2 buah. Glad i can make it home this year. Hope this year i can go home twice too. 
Hmmm.. that is all i have in my brain hard disk. Didn't remember much. Maybe i need to look back to my pictures and journals. My memory is not that good lah.. Huhuhu...

Till then and God bless us all!!

With Love,
Little Rose


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