Waka Waka - First day practice

Suzie and i start our aerobic dance by learn steps that we get from YouTube. I upload the video last night and today we learn how to do it. Ha ha ha... I just feel it was so funny because both of us 'hantam keromo' at first. Even though i used to join aerobic class before but it was 2 years ago. Most of the steps and the songs that we used to use, i forgot. I feel that i am a beginner again. It was fun though. Tomorrow we will continue to memorize the steps again with another friend joining us. It will become more fun, for sure.. he he he he...

Here is the video of Waka Waka aerobic steps that choreographed by Mandy Polkowski.

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Best aih!! boleh kurang lemak-lemak berlebihan tok.

    anyway, Rose, relink me.


    Coffee Girl

  2. CG -- rasa ada kurang la lemak tok eh.. he he he.... waka waka... :-)

    dah ku relink kau... tp i keep juak link nok lamak ya... ney tauk pat recover soon...


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