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Starting A New Path

Moving on with my new working environment. New work scope, new friends and so on. To start on, even i have to start with riding a bicycle, i am okay. As far as i can use my own brain, use my own ability and use my own strength to cope up with my new work. I am Okay. 
Wish me LUCK guys!  Left behind all the bad memories. Move on with the new ME. The new Rose perhaps.
With Love, Little Rose 

Home Sweet Home

18 days flew away just like that. Still i feel it was only yesterday i fly to Japan. But now, i am actually at home. I am back to my lovely country, MALAYSIA. Yai!!! Happy to be home but still start to miss Ube City, Japan. There are so many great memories during our training and i really enjoy it. Even though sometimes the weather makes me feel uncomfortable, wake up in the middle of the night coz i am freezing. The heater is not working and the blanket is not enough to warm me.

The leaves are falling but it was not snowing. Hoping for a chance to touch a snow, but it is okay. The cool windy already make me cold enough.

The JAPAN TRIP is like a DREAM COME TRUE because now i am BACK TO REALITY. I am back to my daily routine. Hoping to make some difference and change for a better person.

Till then!

Little Rose

Sorry for the Long Silence

Hello Guys!!!

I am so sorry for my long silence. Being busy with my training in Japan. We just finish our study tour today and tomorrow is Sunday and it will be our rest day but need to make use of the time to prepare report and action plan. Anyway, i hope i will have more time to update you guys with my stay in Japan. 18 days now only left 4 days to be back to Malaysia. Time flies so fast.....

I left you with this photos of our last study tour at Kyushu Island.....

Till then!!!
God bless, Little Rose