Home Sweet Home

18 days flew away just like that. Still i feel it was only yesterday i fly to Japan. But now, i am actually at home. I am back to my lovely country, MALAYSIA. Yai!!! Happy to be home but still start to miss Ube City, Japan. There are so many great memories during our training and i really enjoy it. Even though sometimes the weather makes me feel uncomfortable, wake up in the middle of the night coz i am freezing. The heater is not working and the blanket is not enough to warm me.

The leaves are falling but it was not snowing. Hoping for a chance to touch a snow, but it is okay. The cool windy already make me cold enough.

The JAPAN TRIP is like a DREAM COME TRUE because now i am BACK TO REALITY. I am back to my daily routine. Hoping to make some difference and change for a better person.

Till then!

Little Rose


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