Sorry for the Long Silence

Hello Guys!!!

I am so sorry for my long silence. Being busy with my training in Japan. We just finish our study tour today and tomorrow is Sunday and it will be our rest day but need to make use of the time to prepare report and action plan. Anyway, i hope i will have more time to update you guys with my stay in Japan. 18 days now only left 4 days to be back to Malaysia. Time flies so fast.....

I left you with this photos of our last study tour at Kyushu Island.....

Visit Wind Power Energy Station in Kitakyushu Eco-Town.
This is one of the renewable energy used in Japan for generating Electrical Power Supply.
Till then!!!

God bless,
Little Rose


  1. what a lovely picture.. I'm soo jealous.. :D

  2. Hi Rose, wah best oh you. seems cold breeze lah sana kan. Would love to have japan frignet hehehehe...perhaps we buli tukar2. I just recently back from philippines hehehehe

  3. @Markati--Thanks. Japan is very nice place and the people too but the language is really limitation la..

    @Rose--Memang sejuk ni skrg. Turning into Winter Season ni sekarang... Frdgnet adalah benda yang sangatlah susah mau jumpa di Jepun.. we've been going places tp nda pun terjumpa satu... maybe di Tokyo ada la but we are not training in Tokyo..Sio noh..

  4. JAPAN for the win! Have fun you :D

  5. Visiting japan's RE initiatives would be a dream come true for me. That's my passion. Do update your blog with lotsa Japan pictures ya.

    Do they have a lot of Solar PV as well?


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