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Wordless Tuesday ~ I Need You Jesus

--- Little Flower of Jesus, Rossa 

Hari Sukan Negara (10.10.2015)

A friend at work told me there is Fun Nite Run at the Town Square in conjunction with National Sports Day on 10.10.2015. It was an eight (8) km run. So, I told her, please count me in and register my name. There were 41 of us from our company participate in this run which have four different categories. On the other hand, usually my sister A is very update with any available run in Sibu but somehow, this time she didn't know about this run. She can not participate this run because she is on night shift duty.

Meanwhile, my sister B was able to join the Zumbathon which was started around 6.40pm and ended at 8.00pm. I saw my aerobic instructor on the stage. She is now a Zumba Zin. Glad that she did it. I have fun zumba-ing with my sister B. I am sure I didn't do very well because I left aerobic class quite few years now and I didn't really do this workout these days. No matter what, I sweat out a bit before start running.

We were suppose to run at 8pm but the organizer was w…

Korean Food Cravings

My sister found this Korean Restaurant Page in Facebook and she really want to try it out. So, not to turn her down, I agree to have a try for our dinner yesterday. We went there around 7pm and there is quite a number of people already. After we enter and find a table to sit, we can see more and more people are coming. According to the waitress which is serving us, the restaurant is open for about three months now and the ratings is quite high for locals who love Korean food. Customers high peak is during dinner time. I can see it as the time reach 8pm onwards, more people coming and some are in big groups, families and friends. To find out more about this restaurant, can look at their Facebook page and search for it. The address of this restaurant is: OMAYA RESTAURANT No.38, Lorong Sena 8, Jalan Pahlawan (Pahlawan Commercial Centre) 96000 Sibu, Sarawak. What we have for our dinner? We have this (I couldn't get the name!).. I am sorry because I forgot to took a photo of its menu an…

Karate Class Improvement & Feast Day of Our Lady of The Rosary

I feel much better today. Maybe because I sweat out toxic from my body during my Karate class after work yesterday. It was refreshing to be able to do some work out through that martial arts class. I was joining this class after a month I join my current employer. It is good that the company have this martial arts class as one of their Sports and Recreation activities. I enjoy the class very much yesterday because I can feel there is an improvements of each movements especially the basics such as punch, stand and kick. I did my combination 1 and 2 perfectly with slight mistake with my stand. But I did well! Yey!!

I didn’t attend any formal class of any martial arts after my high school. During my high school I took Karate Do as my extra-curricular activities but only for one year so I didn’t upgrade my level and only learn basics which is very tough for me. However, I admire my seniors when I saw them doing formation and fighting. It is so awesome! So, it was always in the back of my…

Sleepy is a Habit?

Two days in a row, I am sleepy and feeling very tired. I couldn’t think and just sitting at my table and staring at my laptop. The worst part is, I am in the office. I wonder why and asking myself, what did I eat wrong, what did I do last night? Nothing, I just eat normal, I sleep at 10pm and that’s it. Am I thinking too much until my brain didn’t rest well? Maybe but as far as I can remember, I just fell asleep last night. Without really thinking much before sleep. I only read my spiritual book and then I sleep.

I try to shift my attention from staring at my laptop by doing something else but still when I start to turn back to my laptop and start writing my report, my brain become blank and I start to feel sleepy again. Oh gosh! I don’t like this because I became unproductive and my task got delayed and nothing accomplished yesterday. Not today again. Please!..

That’s why I wrote this blog entry so I can make my brain works not to fell asleep again. I am not sure if this has be…