Day 6: Movement Control Order

It's a new week! My heart broke, i am in tears whenever i received or read news updated on my Facebook, Telegram, Twitter and WhatsApp. But, life must goes on. Fighting!

Around 3.30pm today, I went to my friend's pharmacy, Willy Pharmacy at Tabuan Jaya shopping centre to pick up some supplies that i ordered from him. When i met him at the pharmacy, he look tired even though i only can see his eyes because we are using face masks. His staffs also doing their work and served us with smile behind the face masks. Hang on there my friend, this will pass.

Then, i continue to refill my tank at Shell Tabuan Tranquility before i went for a McDonald's drive thru. I return home, check my car's engine, enter my house and taking shower and wash my clothes. Cleanliness is priority at this time. Having my double cheese burger with iced coffee latte is never like before. I hope all the people i encounter today at the pharmacy, Shell station and McDonald restaurant will be protected and console by our God. May they still have joy in their heart.

God have mercy on us all.


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