Day 7: Movement Control Order

It has been a week of MCO. However, the number of infected people is not decreasing but there is still new cases detected. Day two of a new week!

I am thinking to myself, how am i able to pass another 7 days of MCO with so much stress and bad news from all around me. Even though i lock myself at home but with this technologies, i receive new updates frequently, every hours there will be new cases reported. Our ministers will  make a press conferences at certain hours to keep us updated on the current status and measures taken to prevent the spreading of this infections.

I am fully understand that it is important for me to keep myself updated and aware of things happening outside there. However, the negativity remarks from netizens and condemning each others is not going to help us staying positive on fighting this outbreak. I need a break from all that negativity so i can keep giving words of encouragement to my sisters and friends that work as a frontliners. 

Frontliners, you are our soldiers at this time. I will continue to pray for all of you and may God intervention came in various ways and give you His grace to face your days. 

I make a decision to deactivate my Facebook account once again today. I deactivate my account on Ash Wednesday because i want to reduce my time on social media and replace it with readings and reflections this Lent. When the MCO announced, i am kind of out of place because i don't know what is happening around me and i was told masses will be closed, churches also closed for visitors. So, with these reasons, i decided to reactivate my account.

Bad habits returned. I figure out, i can not control myself from spending hours scrolling through the newsfeed and reading or watch videos. Overwhelming by the stories shared and of course comments section give me bad vibes and i can say i increase my anxiety these past few days just by keep scrolling my FB newsfeed a few hours a day. This did not give me any good. I have to stop.

I will continue with my personal prayers even though i will not be able to follow the live stream via Facebook page of our Archdiocese or other dioceses. I need to keep my feet on the ground and keep my faith firm on the promise of my Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Have mercy on us all, o Lord. 


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