Having Pets

I thought it will be easy taking care of pets. No matter if it is a fish or a dog or a cats.. Hmmm... When the first time i bought ANGEL (Angel Fish), there are two of them but they fight for a space and one dead after one week. Still i doesn't feel anything because it is just a fish.. (Kejam kan?). Now only one left and i ask my friend, Amy to help me to take of him (nda tau pa jantina dia tapi hensem sudah..agak2 ja, lama sudah sya nda melawat dia..). Almost one years old, i bought him Jan 3rd this year.

My Angel
After that, i bought LUCKY (Gold Fish - small one). She is almost 9 months now. I bought her March 3rd this year too. I keep her in a glass round aquarium. Not so big and not so small (sedang-sedang la bah tu..) without oxygen and most of my friends surprised because i can keep a gold fish without oxygen. Hmm.. she still survive now. Since having JOY, i have to keep LUCKY in my room and prohibited JOY to enter my room. They will not become a good buddy. I still can take care of Lucky because to look after her is very easy. I need to clean her 'room' once in two weeks and feed her twice a day. Easy fella. She will react with my voice, i think she heard me.. he he he... (perasaan ku saja bah itu...)..

My Lucky 
Then, on 14th November i brought home JOY (a domestic cat) from one of logging camp at Tenom. Having problem with her because after a few days she falls sick. Lost appetite and always feeling uncomfortable. Vomiting roundworm thrice within two days. She really makes me worried and when i don't understand what she wants i lost my temper (sya telah memdera Joy beberapa kali... memang ibu tiri yang kejam..huhuhu)... I have to bring her to vet and having vaccination for internal and external parasites (cacing, kutu dan ....... lupa pula satu lagi tu). Yesterday i have to call Vet and ask him to check on JOY again because she lost her appetite and don't want to swallow anything. Adoi.... pening terus kepala sya oo... Then, have to gave her another injection, vitamin and antibiotics. Really afraid that she can not stand those injections and drugs entering her skinny body. Huhuhu.. She became so thin now. Pity JOY.... 

This experienced really test my patience. She makes so much noise but i don't know what she wants. I clean up her litter box, i gave her clean food and water, i clean up her 'bed' (bakul tempat tidur dialah bah tu...) and put her 'bed' in front of my room. Still she wondering around and looking at my face. Huhuhuhu... At last i makes my own assumption that she is telling me that she is sick and she feel uncomfortable. Asking for me to make her feel better. But, how??? I am not your mother la miaw.... Anyway, i do hope she will recover soon. She is really cute and active kitten but her attitude change because of her sickness. Kesian.. This is her latest photos taken yesterday... 

My Joy
Keep on 'meow meow meow' but i don't know what she wants... 
In her new 'bed'... with colouful ball and she loves playing that. 

With Love,
Little Rose


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