The day after tomorrow, i will be going back home to my hometown, Sarawak. I am excited more to go back home this year compare to these past few years. Why?I don't know why, but it is just i am super excited.

It was started last week and i end up organizing a simple exchanging gift for Christmas at my office. We will have the exchange gift occasion tomorrow morning just before i am going back to the city to catch my flight on Saturday morning. 

Here is a few photos of our preparations. I never buy a Christmas tree myself, so this is my first tree and we put it in my office. With a few decorations and it looks like we are ready to celebrate Christmas. Yippie!!! Hoooray!!!...

Set up the Christmas tree

With the little santa...

With my bestfriend which is very excited to decorate the tree

Wrap the fake gifts..

Hang the stars....

We are ready for tomorrow.....

Lots of Love,
Little Rose


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