I Am Ready for 2014....

Time flies so fast. Without noticing, this month is my 6th months working with my new employer in Pitas, Sabah. It has been a great opportunity to experienced new working environment, especially with the field sites such as the mangroves.

Since i will be going back home on Saturday, so i did a make over to my office with a little bit of decorations. Perhaps this will motivate me and make me keep moving forward with my new adventure next year with several wildlife inventories and monitoring.

Here is a little bit how my office looks like. I hope Mr.Rat will not chew any of the deco that i put up on the wall or on my table. I have a regular fan call Mr. Rat here. Keep on left its little po on my table. *sigh*. But that how it is here. Snakes and rats inside the office is a common thing.

My desk with a little bit of here and there.

My Patron Saint always be by my side, St. Francis of Assisi. 

My notice board made from the recycle computer box with
a few words of encouragements. 

Found my bestfriend notes she gave me in 2010. I miss her
very much. She pass away early June this year. She is my Angel
and i know she is up there with Father in heaven. 

Blessed Year 2014, 
Little Rose


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