#4 ~ Zumba?

Sidnie Tatom Zumba routine. Photo credit to Google Images. 

I was slow in doing my exercise these past few months. Been a while i didn't play badminton or jogging after work. Its only my working environment that keeps me sweat out and stay healthy. With the work that i did, i walk a few kilometers in the jungle, up and down the hills. But, i have a bit of problems, i lost some of stamina. I panting and lost breath catching up with my fellow workers when we hikes in the jungle. Therefore, i decide to start exercise again.

Girls in my office very determined to loose weight since one of them getting married this coming December. So, i decide to join their group and start to do some girls favourite workout, ZUMBA or Aerobics. I know, both have their differences but i just put both into one and create our own steps.

For the past weeks, it feels very awkward to do this in the open area. We don't have gym or close room to conduct our activities, so we just use the open space on the hill. Being the one that have the experienced with Aerobic class way back in 2006/2007, i kindda lead our group. However, i always very weak in memorizing all the steps.

Whatever it is, i think we catch up some steps from Shani McGraham and Sidnie Tatom for us to kick off our Zumba routine.

Shani McGraham Zumba routine. Photo credit to Google Image.
Whatever it is, if we wanna be good in this we need to discipline ourselves and start to do it in regular basis. Wish us luck!



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