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Working far from city is actually great because i can save up my monthly salary. But, with the advanced IT and there is a chance to buy things online, i might have problem to save up too. *cry*. Therefore, discipline is needed and strong heart, not easily fell for things that i can get online. I start to do online shopping especially on cloths when i don't have time to spend at shopping complex in Kota Kinabalu. Not only that, i found out that the price of one mini dress online and in boutique is really huge difference. I can get one nice mini dress online with RM35 but it will cost me about RM70 in KK. Now, the price is double. Therefore, i decide to go for online shopping.

I start to shop for cloths on Sally Fashion. This is what Facebook has done to me. Sally Fashion have its Facebook Page and i saw most of my friends LIKE this page. On one fine day, i decided to look at this site because i saw some Korean style dress that attract me. This is the beginning of my online shopping.

Early this week, i found out about ZALORA. I received a gift voucher from them so i decide to get a nice dress for my company upcoming annual dinner. This is my pick!

Their delivery service is very fast. Well, of course with GDex it is really fast. Its only took 3 days for the parcel to get to me. I received my dress today! Yippie! 

Thanks ZALORA for the gift voucher and your good service!



  1. I used to shop at Zalora too but then, i always mixed up my sizes. lol. U can also try Double-Woot,, i think banyak lagi. Just google "shop dresses online Malaysia"... u will be swamped and spoiled with choices! Happy online shopping!


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