Kuching Street Photography Outing (SSPKuching)

I took photos whenever i walk in the forest or when i went to a new places. But I never participate in photo hunt or outings with photographers except during my work in the forest. My brother involved in photography and he will coming to Kuching city for this Street Photography Outing for two days session with his fellows photographer's friends in two places which is Kuching Waterfront and Serikin Weekend Market, Bau. He allows me to participate and he borrowed me his Nikon DSLR camera (I am sorry, i don't know the model, i just use it for this two days).

On the first day at the Kuching Waterfront, we have a short briefing by my brother John Ragai and Mr. Bakir Bujang before we proceed with our photo hunt around 9am. We were dispersed in a few small groups and walking along the streets near Kuching Waterfront. Here is two photos that i took using my Samsung Note 3 smartphone.

This is my first shot using my Samsung Note 3
Capture my brother in action at the Bishop Gate also using my Samsung Note 3
On the second day, we leave Kuching as early as 7.30am after taking breakfast at Mile 3 together with Damien Pino and his sister, Veron Sebastian. We arrived there quite early but there already many vehicles and people are amazingly early visit this bazaar.

The very first thing that attracts me when we arrived there was this big "baruk" (looks like gazebo to me though!).

The Bidayuh's baruk is built at the entrace to this bazaar.
After we taking group photo and a short briefing by Mr. John, we dispersed and start to capture interesting moments and everything else. As i am new to my brother Nikon DSLR camera, i just click the button.. Ha ha ha.. Quite interesting though to walk slowly and observed what is happening around me. I usually did this when i am doing wildlife survey in the forest especially with the birds. But now i am working among the crowds and doing my observation. I feel insecure.. LOL

Our group photo at Serikin Weekend Market, Bau. Photo credit to John Ragai
So, here is the three shots that i kindda like it among all others unsuccessful photos that i took. Even though it is not so good but i love what i capture in these three photos. These people gestures reminds me of something in life.

A little girl with this rattan chair and see her smiling face.
The lady and that gent is looking at different things and see the expression on their faces.
It is not easy to sell sweet oranges, perhaps and this girl scribbles something on the piece of cardboard.
So, to end our trip we stop by at the Fairy Cave and just did a short caving with my brother and sister-in-law. I was saying, From the Street to the Nature!

Fairy Cave, Bau, Sarawak
It was quite an interesting weekend exploring places that i never been to. I am satisfied with this new experiences with my brother and sister-in-law. Besides, i met new circles of people and make new friends. Thanks to my brother for this great opportunity.

Newbie Street Photographer,
Little Rose


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