Why I Blog?

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There is a few reasons why i write a blog and i end up having quite a number of Blogs in these both domains, Blogger and Wordpress. When i recall back, there is a point of time that i became addicted with creating blogs. I was having this thought of sharing everything i have in my mind and don't want to keep it to myself. However, i ended up abandon many of my blogs because i can't keep up with it. Even to maintain postings in my main blog become very difficult for me. Let me list down some of the purpose of why i blog:

  1. To improve my English writing - English is my second language and i learn it in school. However, after graduation and enter the working world, my English is very poor both in oral and writings. A friend of mine introduce me with Blogspot way back in 2008. Since then, i start to write and i can see my improvements as years goes by. 
  2. Sharing my experiences in the field - I love my job as a field biologist so much and i have the great opportunity to work closely with wildlife in the rainforest of Borneo. So i blog about my working experiences which other people didn't have the opportunity as i did. It is my nature blog.
  3. Expressing myself - I have many positive and negative thoughts about my struggles in life. Relationships, works, spirituals and finding my true self. So, i express it by blogging so i create this blog which i share many random things related to many different topics. 
  4. Hobbies - I have some other interests such as gardening and beading crafts, so I wrote about it too and i create one blog especially for my gardening in Malay language. But i abandon that blog quite a few years now because i didn't do much gardening like before because i keep changing jobs from one place to another place. 
  5. Preserving my native language - I was away from my hometown and mixed around with different people from different races and background. Therefore, i have less time using my native language to converse with people. I have this strong feeling that one day, i will forgot most of my native language vocabulary. So, i decide to create a blog written in my mother tongue, Melanau.
These are my reasons why i blogs. However, i am facing many difficulties to ensure my blog is keep updated and running. One of the biggest problem is, LAZY to think and write. When i log in to my blog and start my very first sentence, i lost words and my brain is shrinking. I worn out ideas too.

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However, I am glad that I blog because, sometimes my blog is like a diaries for me to keep track of what is happening in my life and when was that happen. I don't have journals that i keep writing everyday so usually i forgot what happen in the past and when i need the information, i don't know where to dig it. Luckily, i have a blog and i can just search for it in my own blogs. Quite valuable information when i need it though. 

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So, as a conclusion, Blogging is a Journey. We have our own reason why we blog, so its up to us to decide whether to blog or not. I have been blogging for almost nine years now and it is still not easy to make sure my blog is updated but one thing i am really sure is I ENJOY WRITING & BLOGGING! I make new friends by blogging and share our thoughts and interest. 

Happy Blogging!
Little Rose


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