Online Shopping Again!

This is my 6th time bought clothing from SALLYFASHION page. In my previous orders, some were correct sizes some are not. So, i decide not to shop cloth online anymore because i end up wasting my money and can't wear the cloths. However, this 6th time is a bit of desperate because i am going to attend a wedding early June. So, i have no time to go to shopping mall and look for a dress. Instead of wasting my time walking from one mall to another mall (usually it really took away my time if shopping for a dress), i decide to look at midi dress in Sally Fashion website. So here is my pick:

Fake 2 Piece Floral Chiffon Midi Dress
What i think about this dress?
I bought M size and it fit my body well but i don't really like the belt so i might not using it if i wear this dress. Overall, it is okay.

Chiffon Front Tie Midi Dress
 I bought M size for this dress as well. At first i want to buy red but then i change my mind because black can fit any occasions. This dress is just nice on my body and it does looks great. However, i have to modified that small hook that tied the front hanging part because it keeps on loosen. If not i will really like this dress. hmmm.. 

Denim Safari Bodycon Dress
I bought this one because i wanted a free shipping.. Ha ha ha... Actually, it has been a while i want to have a denim style dress for a casual wear. That's why i get this dress. I bought M size but actually when i saw the measurements, i am a bit confuse either to go for S instead. When i tried it, looks like i got a wrong size, i suppose to get the S size. The M size is a bit loose and the waist and breast part is too loose and it not fit me well. So, wrong size for this want. I have to add extra pounds to look good on this one.. ha ha ha.. 

The problem with my order is, two of the items is pre-order so it will takes more days to shipped to my address. Unfortunately, this order only arrived after the wedding. So, i haven't really wear these three dress yet. 

During the wedding, i end up bought a wrap mini dress i found at the mall just before the wedding dinner. I don't know how to say about this dress, i kindda like it but i still feels it shows too much of my body. 
Me and my friend at the wedding. Acting like i am the cutest of all... ha ha ha..


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