Hang Over

I had a hang over last night. Pheww.....i mixed up my drinks and it really kick me out. I can't believe that 'thing' does work out very well on me again. That is the local Kadazandusun drinks called 'tapai'. As for me, i don't like the taste of it but if you are in party or join gathering with Sabah local people especially the Kadazandusun, there are no excuse for you not to drink this 'tapai'.

I surf the net trying to find out more info about this drink and you may wanted to see more of it in Mr. Alexs Azlan blog. The photo that i post here also i get from his blog. I hope he don't mind i use his photo since i still give credit for his great photo.

Talking about hang over that i have last night. I am really out. I throw out three times when i get home. Eww....it really not feel good. This morning i feel sick and i throw out one more time. Hmm...need to rest for a while.


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