Safe Journey Back Home

I am glad that i have a safe drive today. Two hours drive a little bit tiring but i am okay this time. Not really feel tired this time maybe because i had an hour stop at the small town. I did enjoy my drive even though along the way there is not much beautiful scenery to see.

For this Christmas holiday i am not going back to my own home town. I celebrate my Christmas with my foster family. I hope i will not home sick because this is my first year i didn't went back for Christmas. I will be fine. On 27th we will having a family gathering. I have to avoid "Siopon" this time and i really really have to avoid it. I have a bad hang over yesterday. But what can i say when this is the traditional way of Sabahan people celebrate any special occasions. Moreover, this is Christmas.

Okay, i need to stop here first. I need to check my laundry. It's done and i have to dry it. Till then.


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