Back To Work

I drove back to my workplace yesterday. I had a very interesting and fun Christmas celebration with my foster family. They have family gathering so I was invited to join their family members. I really appreciate it since I can’t make it with my own family this year. At least they make me feel at home.

I was lucky because they didn’t drink “siopon” so I was safe. But I did drink other drinks and I think I am drunk. Maybe. But I am still okay.

Oh ya, I bought four books yesterday at Times. It was a while I didn’t buy any books for my reading. I bought one dictionary for my niece, a biography books for my friend and two books for myself. I have The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. However, I am not start read any of it yet.

Today, I am back to work. Still in holiday mood but no complaint just do my work. I am preparing Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP) proposal. I have been writing about it since last two weeks. Still i am stuck with the development and implementation part. A few articles and journals about EVP did help my writing. Do we have this kind of programme in Malaysian company? Do we practice it? Most of the info that i surft on the net was from overseas. It's okay. I will finish this proposal though.


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