Working On Christmas Day

What can i say if i have to do some work on the Christmas day. It was my own fault though. I didn't finish up my work before Christmas. No point of regret but better to get it done.

I had a meaningful Christmas mass last night. I feel His presence during the Mass again especially on this special day. Thank God for touch my heart once again. It is so great to feel renew again. By His power of Love for us. I am so ashamed of myself for so much wrong doings that i have done but He always there for me. Waiting for me to open my heart again for Him to enter.

Time for repent and asking forgiveness for Him. For this is the day we celebrate His birthday. much things to share but still i am not good putting it into words. It's okay. As time flies i believe my writing will improve.

Once again. Praise the Lord for He is born today! Happy Birthday Jesus!


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