Recently i feel alone and lonely. I have made quite a numbers of good friends at my work place. I get to know some of them very well and actually they were always be there for me. When i am in need of friends to comfort me or when there were something good happens and we celebrate it together. But somehow, there is always a time, when i am alone at home and only my cat, Joy accompany me, i feel really alone and lonely.

When in situation like this, i need friends. I can not entertain this loneliness feeling because, if i do so, the bad thoughts will visits my mind. I start to think all the good memories that i had in the past, especially at my previous work place. I will start to regret of my decision to quit from there and choose my current job. So many regrets and negative thoughts come by. I need a friend... This is the time when i think of my bestfriend, Jesus. I am glad He always be by my side and never leave me alone. All and all i still have Him being my greatest friend.

Even so, i still appreciate all good friends that i have till now. I appreciate our friendship and may God bless them always.

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. I get the same feeling too at times. Its natural that despite having so many things around, one feels lonely. But it may be a blessing in disguise sometimes. Try focusing on doing something helpful like painting, drawing, reading or helping elderly in your building etc. it is so therupatic!! I enjoyed reading your blog, a very well written piece!!

  2. marjaan--thanks for your advice and nice words. yep, i think i will just continue writing something more useful and also spend some time reading. God bless. :-)


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